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About the training


About the ritual 

When the need to move forward, to close a chapter and to open another one is felt. Done at any time in life, to start a process of conscious conception, to turn the page after an experience of mourning, to start a new professional project or a life cycle (adolescence, menopause, among others).


The rebozo ritual allows you to find your body, your axis, your energy in order to focus on a new life chapter and to move forward on your path as a woman, (future) mother and/or companion.


In the postnatal period, the Rebozo ritual is a gift to yourself or to offer. To close the doors that opened during pregnancy and childbirth on a physical and energetic level. Traditionally done to close the 40-day period, it is never too late to do it.  


Day 1: 8u30-18u00

Day 2: 9u-18u00

Day 3: 9u-17u00

* The history of the rituel

* Holding the space and creating the vibe

* Ayurvedic 4 hands massage

* Closing Ritual with partner

*Closing Ritual by yourself

* Giving and receiving the ritual

We will work in groups of 3 and will practice the ritual several times during the training. 

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